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I feel like i haven't written a poem in so long, that i can't do it… - dead child [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
dead child

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[Mar. 13th, 2006|08:23 pm]
dead child
I feel like i haven't written a poem in so long, that i can't do it anymore. That's alright though, i am truly happy and maybe that's all that counts. he wrote me something awesome for Valentines...

I fell in love
with an unpolished jewel;
I was shoked,
amazed maybe,
to discover something wonderful
passed over by the world;
It was better than magic,
more lively than the movies
to be living in a dream,
so lucid,
so fluid when i held

i watched you watching me
your eyes watery saphires, punctured
through by uncanny emotion.
I watched you watching me
in the fading light of the afternoon.

I fell in love
that day, fell in love
with a beautiful voyer,
my own magniloquent mistress
with her own hidden mystique,
who knows to converse
is to talk
to laugh meant
it was loaded
and nothing seems finer
than a grilled pb and j

catching you playing
in the moonlight makes me
believe you were a fairy
in a former life and a sweet
cat in the one before it

you can make me smile
on my worst day
I love you
like the grass loves
sunshine and the
leaves love the wind
My love, Nothing seems more natural
on this day.
i want you to know
all men should be this lucky,
lucky enough to have something
worth holding onto forever...