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Miss You When I Am Gone - dead child [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
dead child

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Miss You When I Am Gone [Jun. 29th, 2001|02:11 pm]
dead child
[mood |listlesslistless]
[music |the labirynth sound track]

facing to the west
letting wind rush over me.
afraid of not waking
of falling in the sea
and never realizing the dreams inside my heart.
i walk with you
our hands clasped.
i hold you tight, so deep into the night.
hold you so close
and whisper pretty words
that mean something to me
and they mean something to you.
grazing tender lips to lips
looking in your eyes.
you know me
like i know you
alike and yet so different.
i am happy with you
you make me happy
and i know i make you happy too.
i'll miss you when i am gone
so far away from here
and the way you taste should still linger
like beer and weed and me.
i'll wear your shirt
and smell your scent
after shave and tommy colonge and cigarettes.
i hope that you can taste me too
weed and you and coke.
and smell late into the night on my sheets
and pillows like you and bardaco oil and cigarettes.
i love you like you love me
and no one can take that one away from me
with all my fucking heart and soul
no teenage lust inside of me
but female need and complete love
i'll miss you when i am gone.